How To Remove A Pocket Door

When you want to remove a pocket door, you need to make sure that you do it right so you won’t get hurt or damage the door in the process. You can learn how to remove a pocket door pretty quickly and easily with the tips below. It won’t take much effort to get it out of there, and once you do, you can replace it with any door you would rather have in its place.

See How It Is Attached And Start There

Make sure that you know what is going on at the top of the door and how it is attached before you attempt to take it out. You need to check the rollers and rods and see what is going on with all of them. See if there are metal latches on the door or if you are dealing with plastic. Do a thorough evaluation of how it is hanging up and what you need to do to get it down so that you will feel confident when you do that.

Make Sure Nothing Gets In Your Way

You will want the process of removing the door to go as smoothly as it can, and you need to get everything out of your way so it can go smoothly. Clear some space in front of the door so you have room to move around and move the door. Also, take the glides off so that the bottom of the door will be free and you can move it like you want to. That way, you can pull it out more easily and do what you need to to get it detached.

Get Help So You Will Be Safe

If you are dealing with a large door, then you might need help in taking it down. You can get someone to help hold the door while you are trying to remove it so that it won’t fall and hurt you or bring damage to the door or the floor. You can get help from a professional if you don’t know what you are doing or are dealing with too large of a pocket door. Whatever kind of help you need, it is best to get it if you don’t feel like you could be safe without it.

Be Slow And Careful As You Remove It

When you are removing the door, make sure that you tip it slowly to get it out of the door frame. Get all of the screws taken out and make sure that it is completely detached before you try to move it. Make sure that you have someone help you if the door is too heavy for you to lift on your own. Lift it slowly and carefully and have a spot ready to set it down so that you won’t have to carry it too far and harm yourself. Make sure that you don’t scratch the trim or anything like that while you are removing it, but be careful about every movement you make with it and you will feel good about how you get it removed.

It is easy to remove a pocket door when you use all of the tips above. You just need to be careful about how you do it, and it will go well. You can get the old pocket door out quickly and replace it with any new door you want.

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